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Employee Theft - Caught On Camera

The Nationwide Video POS System overlays POS information on video, letting you search and replay employee transactions based on 12 different fields.
Nationwide Video & Security has served the Arizona community for over 30 years. Our superior expertise includes extensive work with Video Surveillance, Point of Sale IntegrationAccess Control and Communications Systems.

Nationwide's leading-edge technology consistently performs above and beyond our clients' expectations. In addition to hardware, Nationwide also offers risk management, loss prevention and system consultation services. We can also reduce your security costs with our local central station monitoring and hard drive video storage systems.

Restaurants & Retail Stores
Auto Dealerships [Video] 
Industrial Facilities

Nationwide Video & Security prides itself on providing the highest quality of service to our customers.

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Security Assessment
How our systems can pay for themselves
Why one camera should watch another
The value of hiding cameras from

Did You Know?
80-85% of business loss is due to       employee collusion
After 12 minutes of video monitoring,       guards often miss 45% of screen activity
It can take up to $5,000,000 in sales to       replace $100K in losses
We help you monitor your business from       anywhere in the world?

Nationwide’s 4 step process
Assess your vulnerabilities
Install video security systems
Set up local/remote monitoring
Provide training & service
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